Application Testing

We assist you with proof-of-concept testing through a complete range of available lab and production equipment in our headquarters’ test facilities.

Application Testing Services From Fitzpatrick®

Fitzpatrick provides expert application testing for the convenience of our customers. Testing can significantly boost system capacities. Customers who make use of our testing services routinely discover it’s possible to improve process performance — while potentially lowering operating costs — by reducing waste, improving production capacities and slashing inefficiencies.

Our in-house team includes application engineers and technical support specialists with decades of combined experience in the industry. We’ll help with every step of the process — from proof of concept to final production. With application testing from Fitzpatrick, our clients typically experience system capacity increases of 25 to 100 percent. 

Test facilities at our headquarters feature a broad selection of lab and production equipment. We use our machinery and expertise to assist you with proof-of-concept testing and arrive at the best process solutions to meet your unique needs. You’ll be able to achieve process goals in the most cost-effective manner possible with help from our knowledgeable experts.

We also provide training for customers’ operations and maintenance crews, to ensure your employees’ knowledge and understanding of the Fitzpatrick machinery you’ve invested in. Training for employees boosts on-site troubleshooting skills, and ensures that safe, rapid and effective maintenance will proceed smoothly and efficiently.   


Fitzpatrick equipment excels at producing pharmaceuticals in solid dosage forms. Generate free-flowing granular products or micronize powders, before processing. Condition powders prior to encapsulation or tableting with our Chilsonator® or FitzMill® equipment. With application testing, we’ll help you determine the best machines, in the optimal configurations, for your specific process needs.

We can help you determine which particle size reduction equipment is right for you. Of course, our particle size reduction machines such as, grinding mills, impact mills, etc. feature GMP-compliant design.


The chemical industry has come to expect excellent results from Fitzpatrick. For decades, we’ve helped the chemical industry by modifying existing machinery or creating new, special-purpose machines or parts so clients can more efficiently perform mixing, compacting, briquetting, granulating and pulverizing operations, as needed.

By incorporating specialized materials, Fitzpatrick lab grinding mills, industrial impact mills, hammer mills and hammer mill grinders, provide superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion.


Fitzpatrick specializes in food processing solutions. Our Chilsonator® and FitzMill® series of roller compactors and industrial impact mills emphasize ease of operation, and feature simple-to-clean stainless steel construction. Improve product consistency, taste and texture, while carefully controlling particle size. Fitzpatrick is a favorite food-processing solution for any number of applications, including food additives, vitamin blends, corn products, flavors and fragrances, sugars, salts, spices and more. 

Ask and You Shall Receive

If you are interested in more information about any of our services — including our particle processing solutions, our operations/maintenance training, and/or our expert application testing — please visit our “Request a Quote” page and fill out the brief form. Our qualified experts will contact you promptly. Or contact us via our website today.